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An Jarl enterprise co., Ltd. is the most leading with ISO 9001:2015 certified factory/manufacturer of farm irrigation & farm implements in Taiwan for more than 40 years. We manufacture many diverse items for agricultural use. Our factory is in Kaohsiung, a harbor city in southern Taiwan.

We are an expert supplier of agriculture implements & farm irrigation system. Our product series including mulch film, accessories for agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse, net house, irrigation sprinklers, micro irrigation sprinklers, field irrigation implements, cooling & moisture system, flat garden hose, seep soaker hose, flexible pipe, seedling trays, insecticide fog sprayer, fog nozzles, agriculture net, tunnel small greenhouse, venturi fertilizer injector, T fitting & other fittings for irrigation systems … etc.

Our customers distributed throughout Taiwan, Japan, China and Southeast Asia, U.S.A, Latin America, Africa etc. In recent years, we have specially supplied many sprinkler hoses(rain tape, rain pipe, spray tube) for farm irrigation of oil palms nursery in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

In the market, we are the first choice to replace products with high price and high quality as well, of tape tube from Japan. We kept expanding our product items. Aside products that are used in the field, we also supply the accessories used in net houses and greenhouses. Our brand “DEAR DEER" is well-known in many country regions.

We are now expert in manufacture and supply for most farming accessories, equipment & agricultural irrigation system.

Our develop some new product like irrigation control system, spray drip hose, breathable mulch film. We always keep our innovation and creation to create new items every year, To listen to what customers need and keep moving forward is our faith.

schematic diagram of Hanging Sprinkler Hose on wire
This is a special type of DERA DEER sprinkler hose. DRAR DEER sprinkler hose may said as rain pipe, rain tape, spray tube etc. It is a Sprinkler Hose with wing which has several holes on the wing. Go through the holes on the wing of DEAR DEER sprinkler hose with hooks or thin wires to set in air. DE
Net to set mulch and vine plants.
End Rod Stopper to stop water at end of bigger lay flat hose
DEAR DEER rod end stopper is a stopper tighten with rod. It is special for thicker or wider flat hose. The widest flat hose this rod end stopper can be used is 14.5cm. The main components of DEAR DEER rod end stopper are a flat block with a long opening gap at middle and a long rod. To set it we mus

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